But Figure 8 is a fitness program that, yes, gets you doing that many crunches in a 30-minute workout…. 

But does so in a fun & exciting way you’ll actually WANT to do every day. (Which is a lot to say for a workout program.

Hi, I’m Jaana Kunitz. 

Because any other workout that crams 2,168 side crunches, 484 front crunches, and 932 hip rolls into 30 minutes just sounds like pure torture, doesn’t it?!?

Dynamic CORE Training  
Through Dance! 

And I know I look like one of those in-shape women now, but that wasn’t always the case. I grew up an overweight, shy child.

used to start the morning with only coffee, milk and sugar in the empty stomach. Then during the day I had Snapple followed by soda... No wonder I packed some serious fat around my belly area. I remember how uncomfortable it was for me to wear bikinis. Every time I had them on, I was trying to suck my belly in. I didn’t want to sit down because I had a terrible belly roll. Then I found Figure 8 System and in short 8 weeks I lost 17.5 pounds!  That’s incredible! 

Now I’m a complete different person. I’m the first one to go to the pool parties.... I’m full of energy and I’m healthier than ever before. I love it! Thanks to Figure 8! 

Figure 8 workouts have everything you need to lose weight & stay fit.

More than just an exercise class, Figure 8 is hyper-focused on strengthening your core and building out your muscles there, burning fat in the exact place most people store it. 

When you join Figure 8, you get:


Because of my terrible muffin top. I hated to see it in the mirror. I use to wear baggy cloths (size XL) to hide it all. Losing 9 inches off from my belly feels incredible now! I’m not shy anymore to go public. Now I wear tight tank tops and jeans and I’m so proud of my body. I have a hereditary blood pressure. 

Figure 8 has kept it normal range now. I used to eat junk food and I use to crave food and sugar all the time. Now after doing Figure 8 System I have no more cravings. My sugar level is steady all day long and I have a lot of energy. My metabolism is ten times faster than ever. I can feel it running and burning fat 24/7.


I basically weigh now what I used to weigh in junior high school. I have not seen these numbers on the scale for a very long time. Now I have a great shape figure and my husband comments on me everyday. I even got a comment in the grocery store the other day...I'm very proud of myself and I'm fitting into clothes that I never thought I would...I'm definitely very comfortable playing volleyball at the beach in my bikini now. With Figure 8 it's so fun because it's so simple and fun to follow. Anybody who does this program will get amazing results, especially around the belly. I literally felt my abs shrinking after only a week. It’s amazing! I feel so much healthier and stronger than ever before.

Workouts, available online & on DVD.

A step-by-step eating guide to make your diet easy & taste great.  

A success tracker to see how far you come in 60 days.

Figure 8 community to boost your fitness & help you reach your goals faster.

The online & DVD Figure 8 workouts include:

Module 1

  • A #-minute tutorial teaching you the basic, fat-burning moves of Figure 8
  • # Workouts practicing these moves at a beginner level

Module 2

  • # 30-minute workouts tailored to boosting your stamina 
  • Cardio-focused songs to build your endurance

Module 3

  • # 30-minute workouts to sculpt your abs, arms and lower body
  • Workouts set to songs that make you feel sexy and alive, while toning the body you’ve always wanted.

Happy Clients

Daily inspiration from your fellow Figure 8 members

Day-to-day, REAL before & after pictures to inspire you & keep you going

Monthly, community-based challenges to boost your fitness goals & help you lose weight and tone your body even faster. 

The opportunity to find an accountability buddy to make sure you stick to your goals.

 Within the Figure 8 Facebook community, you get access to: 


Great Results

Plus, we’re offering a 60-day, money-back guarantee. 

If you join Figure 8 and don’t LOVE the workouts, you can request a refund and we’ll give you one. 


And when you join today, you get our BONUS 10-minute workout program to do on the days when you’re too busy to set aside 30 minutes… because we know life can get hectic sometimes!

(These workouts are also great for people with joint pain & who need to get the most work done in the shortest amount of time.)

Get Our Bonus


This program by itself is normally $79, but we’re throwing it in as a bonus for everyone who signs up today!


Because you deserve to feel sexy & healthy in your own body. It’s time to put YOU first. 



“For 12 years I abused my body wether it was eating junk food, overeating, not eating enough, drinking alcohol or drugs… I was depressed and hated my body how it looked… I stopped talking to my friends. I never left the house on the weekends because I didn’t want people to judge me. Even at family events I would pull my mom aside afterwards and ask if people were talking about my body… Back of my mind I knew if I could only just get back on with eating and fitness regimen I could get healthy again. I just wasn't sure where to turn. When I heard about the Figure 8 program, I knew it might be just what I was looking.

In 8 weeks with Figure 8 I was able to turn myself around. I feel so great about myself again. I literally feel like a new person in only 2 months!!!! I am so grateful for this program and I feel that the lightbulb finally clicked in my head to get myself back on track. My confidence level is so much higher now and I find myself looking at the mirror and smiling all time time!"

"I can not believe that it was A Year ago today that I started My Figure 8 Fitness Journey. This is such an important milestone for me and the results have been simply amazing. I still find it hard to believe how wonderful and successful the results have been for me and it all started by me seeing Figure 8 Fitness on my Facebook Feed.

Before , Figure 8 Fitness, I can be very honest with you all, I was a very unhappy person, who was not happy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I felt like My body had turned on me. I had lost total control over my body and I was devastated with no being able to control my weight. No matter what I did!! I was so unwell, it was terrible... so very tired all the time, bloated and depressed, I had a hard time functioning and on top of all that.

Figure 8 Fitness is a God send to me!  I am so very grateful to Jaana for my amazing transformation.  now when I look in the mirror and smile, even with all the wonderful people that I am Blessed to have in my life, not being healthy and fit effected me in such a very negative way before.

Thank you again Jaana and Body Fx family, you are My Dream Team you have all inspired me and played a very important part in My weight loss journey and have helped me reach My Goals!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for Everything!!!!" 


Hi, everyone, my name is Hope French. I am 32 years old and I have three children.

I found the program around a time when I really, really needed it. I was always tired, and I didn’t have enough energy to play with the children. The big thing was- my husband wanted to take me out on a night on the town. I went into the closet, and I tried on some of my favorite clothes and I was busting out of them. We ended up not going out and I just cried all night long. I thought this type of lifestyle, me being fat and depressed, was not good for me, my children, or my family. So I knew I had to do something about it.

When I first started Figure 8, I was really skeptical. I thought to myself, all the testimonials on the website are fake. But I had nothing to lose so I wanted to test it. When I first noticed results, it was about a month into the program. I knew from the scale that I was losing pounds, and my neighbors and friends started commenting.

Figure 8 really works! Test yourself and you will be amazed!

But one day, I saw ballroom dancing one day on TV. I was mesmerized. I wanted to be just like them, so I’d practice the moves I saw them doing on TV in the privacy of my own home, where no one would mock me or make fun of me. I loved it, and I easily lost my extra weight. Better yet, I got really good at it, started training, and ended up winning numerousus competitions. Then, one day before a competition, I really needed to practice… but I was stuck in my tiny hotel room. I didn’t even have enough space to walk around in, let alone dance in.

I’d never had that happen before - let alone from a small, 30-minute “practice” session! I felt like I was onto something, so I had some non-dancers try this way of “working out” to see what their results were. Most of them who did the workouts & followed basic nutrition guidelines lost weight, lost body fat, and got stronger and healthier overall.

This program became so successful, I’ve sold over 1.5 million copies of it around the world. 

Learn the 3 essential core moves that are the foundation of the entire Figure 8 system. Properly activate all your core muscles. Perform fluid motion patterns with your hips that target spine flexibility while enhancing your body shape. Also, learn which dangerous movements and imbalances to avoid at all costs when training. 

Progress into core cardio movement patterns that are performed in multiple repetitions to a variety of exhilarating rhythms and tempos. Your heart rate will stay in a perfect cardio zone while simultaneously laser targeting your core muscles.

Each program includes an intense “metabolic accelerator,” segment. These are power exercises that are performed for about 30 seconds, at a time – they’re great for boosting your post-workout metabolism.

Focus on sculpting the rest of your body. Start with special body-toning moves that precisely target your arms, back, shoulders, legs and your glutes without dumbbells or fear of getting bulky. 

These unique sculpting sequences will work numerous muscles simultaneously and in different directions. By the end of this phase, many have achieved their ideal Figure 8 physique!

The online & DVD Figure 8 workouts include:

So… I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and “practiced” by watching myself move my hips & my ribcage around to the music, with my feet still in one spot. Because my feet were pretty much stuck in place, I had to over-emphasize my abdominal muscles to “see” myself doing the moves. And even though I was already used to training, dancing, and exercisingfive hours per day, my abs hurt for almost a week after that competition.